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About the Course

Is your child attending a French School?

Do they require assistance with their homework?

Do they need support to prepare for their school exams?

We are here to help! We are highly familiar with the French School Curriculum and are prepared to assist them in French, Maths, Physics, Science & Technology, History, Geography, and even Spanish & German as per the French School's Curriculum.

Our "School Support" students come from various countries accross the globe and attend schools such as the British School in Paris (British-French Curriculum), Swiss School in Geneva (Swiss National Curriculum), French International School in Geneva (French-Swiss Curriculum), French International School in Jakarta (French AEFE Curriculum), and French International School in Bangkok (French AEFE Curriculum).

Our genuine passion for education drives us to closely monitor your children's progress and assist them in comprehending their school subjects. We aim to make learning enjoyable, creating a happy environment for them to excel in.

French School Support Service


EUR 60 / Rp810.000 for 4 sessions (EUR 15 / Rp202.500 per hour)


We customize our teaching to match and align with your child's school curriculum for every subject.

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