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Cerita Murid Kami

Halaman ini menampilkan cerita dan pencapaian dari para murid kami di perjalanan mereka dalam belajar Bahasa Prancis. Kami sangat bangga dengan setiap murid kami tanpa kecuali, dan kami ingin berbagi beberapa kisah mereka di sini.


Published on February 4, 2024

Gwen & Audy :
From KL to Paris

A remarkable achievement for Gwen (9 yo) and Audy (7 yo), our students over the last two years. They embarked on their journey with us from ground zero in the French language while still in Malaysia, then move to France with a new language, school, friends, and culture—no small feat!


Fast forward to their first semester in a Parisian school; both of them quickly became champions in "tenue du cahier" (photo for attention)! Their willingness to learn and openness to new cultures have undoubtedly played a significant role in their achievements.


What's their secret to excelling fast in French understanding from ground zero? Their love for reading! Once they started learning French with us, they shifted all their storybooks from English to French (a big shout-out to their parents too!). Even though they initially faced challenges in understanding (who doesn't?), they persisted in keep reading. This demonstrates a strong commitment to learning and embracing the new language.


Bravo to Gwen & Audy, we sincerely wish them continue to make progress and continued success in their future! May they always carry their enthusiasm throughout their lifelong learning!

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