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School Support Tutor

Madame Nadia currently resides in Switzerland and has previously lived in France for over 9 years. Currently working in an International Organization, she is also the Main Tutor of French For You, specialized in our "School Support Services".


Having a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering from ITB Bandung and got scholarships for her Master's Degree in one of the best Engineering Schools in France (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers), makes her confident in teaching French, Maths, Physics, Science & Technology, and even History & Geography in French language following French Curriculum.

Her "School Support" students come from various backgrounds and are enrolled in British School in Paris (British-French Curriculum), Swiss School in Geneva (Swiss National's Curriculum), French International School in Geneva (French-Swiss Curriculum), French International School in Jakarta (French AEFE Curriculum), and also French International School in Bangkok (French AEFE Curriculum).

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